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Out of the box processes
Example -> Buying Conveyancing
Selling Conveyancing
Residential Lease
Property Deed
Forming Your Business
LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Incorporation (S Corp, C Corp)
Sole Proprietorship
LP (Limited Partnership)
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
Compare Business Types
Corporate Changes and Filings
Corporate Amendments
Foreign Qualification
Corporate Name Change
Entity Conversion
DBA/Fictitious Business Name
Business Compliance
Annual Reports
Initial Reports
Minutes Manager
Compliance Calendar
Registered Agent Service
Operating Agreement
Bylaws and Resolutions
Business Names
DBA/Business Names
Entity Name
Availability Check
Entity Name Reservation
Taxes, Licenses, and Permits
Federal Tax ID (EIN)
State Tax ID
501c3 Application
Business Licenses
Seller’s Permit
Legal Forms and Agreements
General Agreement
Business Plan Non-Disclosure
Promissory Notes
Independent Contractor Agreement
Employment Agreement
All legal forms
Additional Business Services
Corporate Supplies
Certified Copies
Certificates of Good Standing
Registered Agent Services
Business Legal Plan
Work Visa
Franchise Disclosure Review PRO
Legal Document Review PRO
Website Terms and Conditions PRO
Trademark Registration
Trademark Search
Trademark Monitoring
Trademark Statement of Use
International Trademark Filing
Office Action Response PRO
Other Trademark Filings
Provisional Application for Patent
Patent Search
Utility Patent
Design Patent
Copyright Registration
Contract drafting
Website terms & conditions
Franchise disclosures
Trademark office action response
Downloadable forms and agreements
International Trademark Filing
Thanks to getStatus the amount of “where it stands?” client calls reduced which allows us to focus more on legal professional work
Guy Farbman

Law firm

Thanks to getStatus we are able to improve our relations with hundreds of our customers
Yariv Bar Dayan

Law firm

Thanks to getStatus I am able to get advantage over the competition and be appreciated by my clients 

Iris Anavi Ozchakir

Law firm

3 easy steps with getStatus

Start: a new customer communication by choosing getStatus out-of-the-box processes or by naming your milestones
Invite: the people you want to share with them the service status
Communicate updates: progress steps, send push notifications,  emails, text messages …

Clients portal

Your website can now include “Client login” without any code or web development work!

Service status is available 24/7 online so I have transparency
Where it stands? whats next? updates, documents, tasks …

Track your services status

Simple dashboard to track your services status and identify those who require your attention

Reminds me when I should send the next update
Identify projects that I am about to miss a due date …

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Thousands of users & hundreds of projects already boarded


Assign clients to tasks, comment and upload files

24/7 availability

Computer & mobile app

Send updates

Emails & text messages

Notifications & reminders

Get notified when client joins your project or on important events you set on milestones


Craft processes and share them with the public and have users subscribe to it


Projects & Templates can be created and modified easily. Specifying their names & order will do 🙂

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